Monday, December 19, 2011

Welcome to my mess!

I am messy, and like playing with paper and stuff. I make happy, crafty messes in the corner of the living room of our one-bedroom apartment, situated on the third floor of a vintage building. No sewing fancy-schmancy magazine layout. Just me, my little tables, a bookcase, some tools, and tons of hoarded craft materials filling the walk-in closet and every crevice I can stuff them into. Once in a while, this crafty messiness/messy craftiness actually results in something cool, and I want to begin documenting those serendipities.

I abandoned my last effort almost two years ago. I've toyed with reviving it, but it sputtered and gasped and landed in That Great Blogyard in the Sky. It's time to start again from scritchy-scratch and be here Now. What better time to start again than Christmas?

If anyone actually ends up reading this--well, how fun is that? I'd love for you to join my little adventures. Maybe I can join yours, too! And now, on with the show...this is it!


  1. Love it Sharon! Your ideas are great! and they remind me of when I was younger!! My grandmother had the magazine tree but they were magazine choir people. They had a styro head with hair, and a face painted on. Then there were arms, and a "music book" added with cardboard. We then would paint them or leave them. It was great fun! I haven't seen or made them in years!
    Love the glitter idea too!
    Enjoy! Thank you for sharing!!
    Kathy G

  2. Thanks so much, Kathy! Visit anytime and have a Merry Christmas!