Thursday, December 22, 2011

Confessions of a crappy stamper

I am so, so bad at stamping.

No, really, I am. This is not a putdown or pout session, just a fact. I tried for years to master this particular crafting technique--it looks so easy when Tim Holtz, or even my 4-year-old grandson, does it. I've taken classes, bought books, watched videos, had one-on-one instruction. I own two drawers full of mounted, unmounted, rubber, acrylic, matched stamp sets and all kinds of loose ones. I have purchased dozens of inkpads, foam stamping mats, acrylic blocks, and every accouterment I found at our local craft store to help me get past my stamping bungling and cluelessness. None of it helped.

My stamping efforts are blurry, smeary, uneven, pathetic. Many are the nice cards and tags that lay ruined because once again, someone to whom stamping comes as naturally as sucking air in and out convinced me to give it a shot "one more time". (Cue Charlie Brown and the football.)

And we're not even gonna mention the word embossing anymore. Okay?

I surrender!

Seriously, my wannabe stamper days are behind me. Life is too fleeting to spend in frustration--at least, mine is. Besides, I found that magazines, old books, online clipart, junk mail, catalogs, and wrapping paper are all unending sources for wonderful images I can Mod Podge or adhere with a glue stick. I love cutout magazine and newspaper letters like these and find they add a really nifty touch to my collages and such. I'd rather spend time doing things that make me happy.

And I have a whole bunch of stamps to barter with other crafty friends for stuff I really want, like handmade papers, buttons, and empty Altoid tins. Time to set up a swap!


  1. I am in for a swap! Actually, I should just bring things and hope that people take them home. Too much stuff in my studio!

  2. You are SOOOO on! I'm keeping the inkpads, though, 'cuz I found I can make cool textured backgrounds with them. I'm really over the stamps.