Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book & Calendar New Year's Banner Display

Made a banner after dinner tonight. I used this template from the wonderful Lovely Design blog which I found doing a generic search, then fell in love with immediately. I used my old 2011 calendar pages with some highlight family photos from the year, plus the words FAST AWAY THE OLD YEAR PASSES printed in Castorgate-Distort font. Hung it all on a shiny ribbon I had on hand, rigbht above my desk opposite the Messy Crafty Corner.

After that, I got the idea to use a blank journal to represent the New Year. Printed out WELCOME, 2012! and YOU'RE A BLANK PAGE in Andalus font,, adhered with a glue stick, and wrapped a large brown elastic headband around the binding to hang it with.

Happiness and peace be yours in 2012! What will you write in the book of your life this year?


  1. Way cool! Isn't that your bed headboard, made from a salvaged baby crib? I remember that.

  2. Oops...should have read the whole post instead of just admiring the photos...I see it's by your desk, not your bed. Love it no matter where it is.