Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rice Cake Hanging Bird Feeder Medallions

PLM (Project Messy Level): 5

Materials/tools I used: Rice cakes, birdseed, peanut butter, apple butter, ribbon/shoelaces/string, glass cake pan, metal skewer, waxed paper, little Chinese-food-shaped gift boxes, pinking shears, punch-cut shapes, bird clip art, glue stick

First I got out my good friend the green wobble-legged card table (which I trash picked from one of the tenants who moved out--another story)and spread an old tablecloth over it. Then I put down a sheet of waxed paper and began. All I did was cover the rice cakes in peanut butter and apple butter (jelly would be fine, but we were out of it) and roll them in the glass cake pan which was filled with birdseed. After patting them gently to secure the seed adhering better to the rice cakes, I laid them back on the waxed paper sheet and pierced each with the skewer. Now I had a nice hole to put the hanger through. Serendipity of the day: Shoelaces make fantastic hangers! They're easy to thread through the holes, and also sturdy.

When I'm done (which with all the interruptions of normal, everyday living did not happen today) I'll have a dozen of these; today I finished these two. I'll pack all of them in waxed-paper lined little gift boxes which I scooped up at last year's post-Christmas sales for 10 cents apiece and add a cute little clipart birdie tag.

The mess continues for tomorrow. My husband is a saintly man.

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