Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pirating myself: Pt. 1

Taking a little time jaunt back to 2012...remember that year? Yeah, well, I was supposed to post this then and didn't, so I'm plagiarizing myself.


I have had a week wherein I had to take everything in my entire kitchen apart and put it back together again, after a close encounter of the uninvited furry kind. That brought on a frenzy of pre-Spring cleaning which led from closets to drawers to cupboards--I just could not stop myself! Then the owner of the building I live in and manage bought a brand new Shark Navigator floor cleaner for me to haul up and down the four floors of the building (three residential, plus basement) which were horribly overdue for cleaning since the last vacuum broke down before Thanksgiving. Not much time left over for crafting. So easy to veg out in Gardens of Time or Words With Friends--dude, I was sooooo tired!

But know what? When I saw this on Pinterest, I knew immediately that I wanted to copycat it. Here it is at its original Tumblr page. Isn't it just magnificent? And what a (BAD PUN ALERT!) timely message. Ba dum DUM.

So I sat down late last night and covered my kitchen clock numbers with this constant reminder: Come on and do it, Sharon--while you can. There goes your life, tick...tick...tick..the time is always NOW.

Yeah, the Mod Podge was still too wet when I brayered over it to get some air bubbles out, and I didn't notice till later when it was already dry that one of the squares had rubbed off a bit. That's okay; it's imperfect, just like me. I'm not redoing it.

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