Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where's my fairy godmother? Crafty Chica Cruise 2012!

Six years. That's how long the Crafty Chica Art Cruises have been happening, and that's how long I've wanted to go on one. What's not to yearn for? Eight days...beautiful weather...every yummy, pampery thing provided...off-the-page crazy, creative fun around the clock...and crafting flippin' ROYALTY!

Le siiiiiiiiigh. El suspiro. One more year to dream, dream, dream.

I met Kathy Cano-Murillo back when she was launching her Crafty Chica line at a Michael's in San Jose, CA. She and her hubby were just setting up when I got there, so I got to "pretend I was helping" and also chat with two of the nicest people on the planet. My jeans even got a mention on her blog! No, really! (My brush with greatness.) I've been a fan for years, and just wish some magical sparkles would drip off Kathy's left pinky onto me--maybe some creativity would stick.

So...the cruise. Oh, yes...when I win the lottery which I don't enter /publish my bestseller which I haven't written yet/inherit a million from a relative I don't know. That's when I get to lay down 900 smackers to abandon my DH on his birthday, cart my ageing tushy to a fancy ship to play with wild color and sip Margaritas and be waited on by cute little guys in cute little uniforms, and forget I have a cell phone and a pacemaker and grandkids and tenants whose toilets sprung a leak in the night.

And little piggies fly.

We all require fantasies; we can't live without them. This is one of mine. I am so happy for anyone out there who can take this dream vacay--and I hope you're one of them! If your ship came in (bad punsRus) then by all means, GO on this marvelous cruise! Have a blast and come back with glitter in your hair--and be sure to bring me back some extra fun stuffs, okay?

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